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Electronic Ticket General Conditions

    1. This electronic ticket must be printed on clear paper and should be readable or, it may be presented for scanning at the ticketing office on your smartphone to collect your wristbands.
    2. Each ticket contains a unique QR Code, which gives access to the person who is in possession of the electronic ticket for the date shown on the ticket. Any other person presenting a duplicate will be refused entry.
    3. This ticket is subject to the terms and conditions of the Splash n Fun Leisure Park Booking which can be found on
    4. You should only buy tickets from the official Splash n Fun Leisure Park page or one of its affiliate partners. Tickets should never be purchased from unknown third parties as these may be fake or invalid.
    5. Tickets purchased on-line shall be valid for the selected date/s only. It cannot be exchanged or postponed.
    6. All tickets purchased are non-refundable.
    7. Management reserves the right for entrance at Splash n Fun leisure Park to all those who are not abiding to the rules and regulations of the park. Splash n Fun Leisure Park Rules and Regulations can be viewed at
    8. Please keep your ticket safe.